Hey everyone!

True beauty comes from within. Who doesn't know this old wise saying? And as it is with old sayings, there is also a lot of truth behind it.

Because we don't just determine beauty by a person's appearance..at least we shouldn't. For me beauty is much more than just that, I see it in many things. This may be due to the fact that as an artist I am more creative and emotional than some people, but I assume that everyone can understand my point of view at least to a certain extent.

Because how else can it be explained that each person has a different taste? We all put other values on the concept of beauty, and what we understand by it is often difficult to describe. In addition, we are far too often inhibited by social norms and ideals in seeing the beautiful. We are dictated by the media who is considered "beautiful": Models must be at least 1.70m tall, may not wear more than dress size 34, must have big eyes and full lips and so on...