Hey everyone!

Right now, there is no topic that is so widely discussed and debated as Corona and the related measures taken by different countries to contain the spread of the virus. Every single day there are fresh news, opinions and assessments, both from experts and from people in the public and private spheres. Everyone talks about this issue because it affects us all and because almost all of us are in some way overwhelmed with the current situation. A worldwide pandemic like this simply hasn't happened in our lifetime so far and this leads not only to insecurity and fears, but sometimes also to anger, disbelief and all kinds of other feelings.

With this topic being so present everywhere right now, I have debated with myself for a long time whether it's really necessary for me to add my two cents as well, because it feels like nearly everyone has already said their opinion and there is not much new to say. But since I feel like the exchange with others and the mutual support is incredibly important in a time like this, I decided to share a few thoughts about my view and about the way I approach this topic with you.

What I won't mention in this blog post is that you should wash your hands regularly, avoid contact with other people as much as possible and stick to the regulations of the government, because I think that everyone with a little common sense has understood this by now and hopefully tries to implement it to the best of their ability. But what I find just as important in the current situation is that we take care of ourselves and our fellow human beings, so that we don't lose the emotional connection to each other, even though we are asked to avoid any direct physical contact.