Hey everyone!

Thin hair, too big a nose, a few kilos too much - we all have things we don't like about ourselves that prevent us from living up to our full potential. Above all, the sight of celebrities and top models who look perfect in our eyes, makes us doubt ourselves, leave us feeling insecure and lessen our self-confidence. But isn't this very uniqueness something we should celebrate?

Shouldn't we learn again to love and accept ourselves as we are?

We all live in the here and now, we have solved problems and overcome the obstacles that life has put in our way. We live our lives, no matter what comes up and although we all have good and bad days, we face the challenge. Because even if we're often not really aware of it, we are damn strong!

And don't we deserve to be proud of us and our achievements too every now and then? 

That's exactly why Claudia Zurlo and I gave away a photo shoot at the end of last year, where we wanted to enable a lucky winner to start into the year 2020 with beautiful photos and a completely new self-esteem. In a professional photo shoot, we wanted to show this person how strong and perfect they are.