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More or less regularly, I receive requests from prospective brides who do not consider a trial session to be necessary and who would rather forego it due to the additional costs involved. I can fully understand that costs and limited budgets play an important role when it comes to wedding planning, but I would like to give you some reasons today that support scheduling a trial session for your bridal styling, because these reasons have, over the years, caused me to no longer offer bridal stylings without a previous trial session.

Find the perfect styling for your big day

Bride: Ramona / Photo: Sascha Krämer Bride: Ramona / Photo: Sascha Krämer

A trial date is very helpful if you are still unsure about your desired styling. With the variety of inspirational images you can find on the Internet and in magazines, it's especially difficult to decide what you want to look like on your wedding day. Oftentimes, you just can't really imagine what a particular updo will look like on you and what suits you and your type. A trial session gives you the opportunity to take your time to see how the styling you imagine will look on you.

Because you don't have the same time pressure and stress on that day that you will most likely have on your wedding day, there is also the possibility to adjust things or try something else if you find that you don't like the hairstyle or makeup.

Lean back and relax on your wedding day

Bride: Dominique / Photo: Leonie Rosendahl Bride: Dominique / Photo: Leonie Rosendahl

In any case, this appointment will give you a sense of security. Since your bridal styling has already been completely determined and tested at the trial session, you will know exactly what your bridal stylist is doing. So you can sit back and relax on your wedding day because you can be sure that you will look as you did on the date of your bridal trial (if not even more beautiful). This not only gives you more peace of mind, but will also put your bridal stylist at ease.

Imagine, if the hairstyle doesn't work out on your wedding day right away, because the hair stylist misjudged your hair structure, or if the hairstyle is finished and you don't feel quite comfortable with it, because you've never seen it on yourself before... you really don't want that kind of stress on your wedding day, especially since you will already be excited on that day.

Get to know your bridal stylist

Model: Patricia / Photo: Georg Friedrich Klein Model: Patricia / Photo: Georg Friedrich Klein

The last, but certainly not least important reason, is that you can get to know your bridal stylist in advance when you meet for your trial session. This may sound insignificant at first, but you should bear in mind that it is important to choose someone with whom you can get along well. Because your bridal stylist will not only get very close to you in their work, but they will also be one of the last people you will have contact with before you begin your big day. Therefore it is important that this person gives you a safe and good feeling and that you feel comfortable in their presence.

I hope this article has helped you to understand why it is important to arrange a trial session for your bridal styling.

Of course I'd also also like to hear your opinion on this topic:
Do you think that scheduling a trial session is important? Why or why not?